New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellowship

Francis Weiss Rabkin will be a 2050 Fellow at New York Theatre Workshop for 2016. They will spend the next year working with the cohort: Ming Peiffer, Beto O'Byrne, Stevie Walker-Webb, Danny Sharron, and Mo Zhou. With the support of the NYTW community, mentorship, learning, and producing opportunities, Francis is excited and humbled by this opportunity. Looking forward to workshopping a new play about witchcraft.

More about the 2050 Fellowship:
"The 2050 Fellowship is named in celebration of the U.S. Census Bureau’s projection that by the year 2050, there will be no single racial or ethnic majority in the United States. This projection provokes thoughts at New York Theatre Workshop about the transformations that will take place in the American landscape – technologically, environmentally, demographically and artistically. They are a catalyst for broader questions about our moral and artistic future."